1-2-1 Tarot Card Reading

Straight Talking Tarot

If you value straight talking over needlessly complex language and sanctimonious woo then you will find my approach to tarot a breath of fresh air.

You’ll find exciting new ways for tarot to help you transform your life, give you new direction and purpose, and develop as an individual on a practical and spiritual level.

Straight Talking Tarot blends the storytelling magic of the esoteric art of tarot with my own no-nonsense approach to positive change and personal development.

The result is an exploration of tarot as a powerful tool to understand yourself, your relationships and the world better. It is an opportunity to gain new insights and perspective to help you to move forward positively.

As well as Skype Tarot Reading and Tarot Card Meditation sessions, I also provide talks, training and workshops, sharing my approach to tarot with all types of audience.