I have been exploring tarot and esotericism for over 25 years.

I’m a hypnotist and coach with over 19 years’ experience at the highest level, including almost a decade running clinical hypnotherapy practices on London’s Harley Street. When I add in postgraduate qualifications in Psychology and Law many people are surprised at learning of my work in more esoteric areas.

I’m often asked, ‘You don’t actually believe in all that stuff do you?’ Aside from being a generalisation, it is an odd question since it assumes that belief is required for such tools to be useful or even just enjoyable as a direct experience.

It is precisely as a tool that I have found a place for tarot in my therapeutic, coaching and personal development work. Both for personal insight and problem-solving it provides an interesting and alternative methodology that many find highly rewarding. Likewise, my tarot services benefit from my extensive experience working with the human mind through my trademark approach, The Storyworking Method.

I do not promote my services to imply that I am in any way a ‘fortune teller’. Rather, I prefer storyteller or, in line with my method, storyworker. Tarot simply provides a way to explore our past, present and possible future stories, using esoteric concepts and archetypes as a useful language, proxy and/or abstraction.

In a practical sense, tarot can be viewed as no more or less scientific than many psychometric tests. However, an extra benefit is that it really is fun, absorbing and entertaining (I’ve yet to find a psychometric test that is!)

Like all of my work, you will find my approach straight-talking with a sense of humour. So whether you want to explore tarot as an alternative tool for personal development or simply as entertainment, get in touch!