Tarot Card Reading

1-2-1 Tarot Sessions

Get A Fresh Perspective

As someone with over 17 year’s professional experience working with the human mind, I know that many people who feel stuck in life can, in turn, also get stuck within the narratives and paradigms of coaching and therapy themselves. Trying the same techniques and approaches over and over, expecting different results.

Maybe you have experienced this yourself. Feeling as though you have hit a plateau where you have exhausted a particular approach or one practitioner’s ‘box of tricks’. You may feel yourself losing faith in both method and messenger, perhaps believing that they just can’t help you achieve the change or goals you desire. Maybe you feel trapped in a dissatisfying cycle of disappointment.

If you want different results you need to do something different!

Sometimes what you really need is something new.

Look at ‘The Hanged Man’ (pictured here). At first glance it looks like he has been punished, thus leading to his inverted suspension. But under closer inspection, it seems much more likely he put himself there – only one foot is tied, his face is neutral, and he is not struggling. Rather he has the halo of illumination from this new position, he is seeing things from a fresh perspective.

Perhaps it’s time for you to ‘turn things upside down’ in your approach to personal growth and development? Get a new perspective using the powerful and versatile tool of tarot!

Why Tarot? Tarot is so many different things to different people. It is often described as a mirror to the subconscious mind, yet can also be seen as a light, used to shine upon and reveal things within ourselves and about our current circumstances.

Therefore, by illuminating and reflecting, it forms a powerful tool to help make better decisions about where you go next in life.

I can provide you with everything from a short-and-sweet, single tarot card reading to tarot-focused coaching over a number of sessions. 

Booking Your Session(s)

Welcome to the Aqe of Aquarius. Society has advanced into a global community of individuals, connected by the shared technology of the modern internet. I can now use Skype tarot sessions to help more people than ever before experience the transformational and developmental benefits of tarot.

What is the Age of Aquarius all about? It’s about being the rebel with a cause! My mission is to help individuals empower themselves using the tool of tarot; never afraid to throw out the rule book, never afraid to speak plainly and without pretension, and never afraid to be different. I find I can help people most effectively when I am open to transforming and innovating my methods beyond tradition.

The majority of my sessions are therefore conducted online as skype tarot reading or tarot coaching.

Sessions can range a single 15-minute reading to longer coaching-focused sessions running up to 60-90 minutes.

Since I tailor my tarot services  to each client, the first step is to contact me with what you are looking for and we can go from there.