If you want to learn more about tarot, its history and applications, I provide bespoke talks and workshops for your group or organisation.

Tarot is a fascinating subject for any audience, but I also bring a unique vantage point from my 17+ years experience working with the human mind.

Informed by my work as hypnotist, coach and clinical hypnotherapist, I explore the concept of tarot as not just a useful tool for practitioners but also for individual ‘self help’ and personal development. 

Some of the topics of themes and topics I cover:

  • Tarot, Hypnosis and the Subconscious Mind
  • Tarot Meditation & Mindfulfulness 
  • The History of Tarot
  • Introduction to Practical Tarot
  • Tarot for Coaches & Therapists
  • Magick & Metaphysical Tarot
  • Crossed With Silver – The Business of Tarot

To enquire about arranging a talk or workshop please contact me.